Sally Chen (they/she/he) is a queer, non-binary, second-generation Chinese (specifically Taishanese!) American multidisciplinary artist who’s born, raised, & based in Brooklyn, NYC. They graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Illustration and Psychology minor in 2022.

Through their work, they seek to create joy, laughter, instill softness, and maintain resiliency as often in a world that often feels too tough to be in. Whether this takes the form of whimsical, textured, and immersive illustrations awash with poetry, sculptural pieces, or silly animations, it’s important to them to create work that speaks to their identity and culture whilst uplifting those around them.

WISHLIST INCLUDES (but isn’t limited to):

1. Picture books about friends, family, and homes (love fluff & silly moments, but also grief!!!)
2. Covers for Young Adult novels (especially romance) & Poetry!!
3.  Anything TTRPG, mythological, fantasy, and/or D&D related :)
4. Projects that explore mental health in a multidimensional way
5. Podcast & Music Album covers!! My favorite genres are R&B, Indie, and Lo-Fi

Anything that uplifts and celebrates BIPOC, queer, and trans people!!!
Projects that make you giggle, blush, and/or kick your feet
I am a sucker for family history stories!!!

Work inquiries? Contact me directly at salpalc@gmail.com


☆ MIST NY 2016 - Graphic Design (1st) Race Against Time
☆ MIST NY 2017 - Graphic Design (1st) Beauty in Imperfection
☆ MIST Nationals 2017 - Graphic Design (1st) Beauty in Imperfection
☆ MIST NY 2018 - Graphic Design (2nd) Valor in Mercy

☆ OCA-NY Hate Crimes Prevention Contest 2017 (2nd) Everyone's blood is red, let’s stop the bleeding.
︎︎︎Exhibited in the Museum of Chinese in America from August 2017 - February 2018

☆ I Wish... — Children’s Book Submission for Diverse Minds 2018 (2nd, NY)
︎︎︎Illustrated and directed an original children’s book on diversity, tolerance, and acceptance.


☆ Sticky Locals Artist Showcase // Interview (2020)
☆ From the Intercom // Ranked Choice Dating Interview (2023)

☆ CantoCutie Zine Volume 3 // Poem + Illustration Feature (2021)
☆ LCC Theatre's Sincerely Zine // Illustration Feature (2021)
☆ Silk Club's QUIET! Zine, Volume 07 // Poem + Illustration Feature (2021)
☆ The Antihumanists // 2nd Edition // Cover Illustration (2021)

☆ CantoCutie Zine Volume 6 // Illustration Feature (2023)

☆ Washington Square News // Even before they were a headline // Editorial Illustration (2021)
☆ The Marshall Project // Life Inside // Between Addiction and Prison, I Left My Boy to Grow Up Without a Dad // Editorial Illustration (2022)
☆ VinePair // From Munich to Mumbai, Cinco de Mayo Goes Global // Editorial Illustration (2023)
☆ National Public Radio // China Makes It Harder For Its Muslim Citizens To Go To Mecca, Or Anywhere Else // Editorial Illustration (2023)
☆ National Public Radio // Embedded Podcast: All the Only Ones // Editorial Illustrations (2023)
Sally minutes before demolishing ebi curry, colorized, 2022.


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