Dungeons & Dragons related illustrations from my friends and I's homebrew campaign.

But For Now, We'll Sleep features Arteagan and Yev, two estranged elven siblings. This is how I imagine they'd spend time together long ago, before anything terrible happened. Fast asleep in a cozy nook after a long day of studying magic together, having each other to rely on. There is so much yet to come.

Bound by Blood features Auggie and June, two half-elven siblings who walk on different, equally dark paths.

Windflowers & Lilies features Asei and Montineau with the flowers that symbolize them respectively: windflowers for Asei, and white lilies for Montineau.

A Promise to Stay Alive features Vye and Corven sharing a tender moment at the hospital after a life threatening battle.

Corven: "She would've wanted me to live for something other than her."
Vye: "I think it's okay to live for someone else for a little bit."

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