“one day, the sun won’t be wounded.” is my senior thesis for my undergraduate career at Parsons School of Design. It is the result of my exploration of queerness and transness through Chinese history, opera, folktales, mythology, deities, my family history, and my journey towards getting to know myself better.

It is an in progress series of digitally illustrated poems (each 10” x 24”) about Guanyin, the bodhisattva of compassion, and their gender-expansive selves throughout the centuries; about figuring out my own transness and seeing proof that those like me have always existed; about my maternal grandma’s past in Cantonese opera; about having to hide my true self away from those who won’t accept me; about knowing that we sow the seeds for generations to come; and about choosing love, so much love, with every breath.

It is meant to be either compiled in a long form scroll book, or hung together as an installation.

Taken at the senior exhibition, May 2022!

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