In this series of digital illustrations, I explore what different cultures are afraid of.

In China, especially in the more southern parts where there are more fishing ports, flipping a fish instead of removing the bone to reach the meat on the other side is considered bad luck. This is because the flipping of the fish resembles a fishing boat capsizing. Published in Canto Cutie's Vol 3.

In Russia, stepping over someone, no matter the body part, without doing the action backwards to undo the effect is considered bad luck. People believe that the person you stepped over will stop growing.

In India, peepal trees are considered sacred sites that house spirits, and so going near one at night is dangerous, but sleeping under one is even more so. It's said that if you sleep under one, the ghosts may haunt or kill you.

In Greece, it's believed that if a newborn baby were to look into a mirror before they’re christened, they risk their soul being stolen.

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